Ramatak AI plugin for Godot 3.x

Ramatak Experimental AI plugin

We’re excited to release our experimental AI plugin, offering generative AI tools for game development. This is a very early alpha version meant for testing and feedback only. Please do not use it for production purposes.

Your feedback will help us improve the plugin. Thanks!


Download the plugin here: godot-chatgpt-plugin-0.2.zip

Godot Version

Currently supports only Godot 3.5


Place the files inside your game directory. All the contents of the plugin should be in addons/ai_assist

Tools hosted by Ramatak

The plugin provides a few services run by Ramatak, and a few run by 3rd party providers. For the services run by Ramatak you only need to login (or sign up) using the “Login” button. The services that can be used with your Ramatak login are:

  • Llama3 LLM in the Chat tab
  • Stable Diffusion XL in the Images tab
  • The Segment tools in the Images tab
  • TripoSR in the 3D Models tab

3rd party tools

A few 3rd party options are used, for that you need to provide an API key. These are the tools:

To setup your API keys, add a file called env to the directory res://.ai_assist/ that looks like this:



Exporting your game

Since this plugin only runs in-editor, no files need to be included in the exported games. You can set it to exclude everything in res://addons/ai_assist and res://.ai_assist/


This is a list of features (more detailed descriptions and documentation will follow)

  • Global
    • Create a context, contexts maintain history of all chats and assets created
    • Integration with editor. Generated assets can be saved as files and resources.
      • Resource inspector will show a button “Edit with 3D AI” and “Edit with 3D AI” to send assets to the AI tools for editing
      • If a resource was generated by an AI tool, all the context for its generated will be restored
  • LLM / Chat tab
    • Chat with LLM
    • Code analysis (via the buttons “fix script”, “refactor code”, etc that appear in the script editor)
    • “Chat with your own code”, via the “file analysis” button, only works with ChatGPT
  • Image Generation
    • Multiple backends, dall-e, stability.ai, SDXL
    • Apply a mask to send with an “image 2 image” prompt
    • LoRa selection in SDXL “advanced options”
    • Segment image from the “tools” menu when an image is selected
      • Select multiple segments with Ctrl+Click to save all in the same image
    • ControlNet
      • Use depth and normal shaded images for reference
    • 360 Skybox generation
  • 3D Generation
    • Multiple backends, Meshy, TripoSR
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