Ramatak Inc.

A straight forward solution to building and deploying mobile games using the Godot engine.

About us

Ramatak Inc. is a brand new public benefit company founded by Godot engine veterans Ariel Manzur and Hein-Pieter van Braam.

Our primary goal is to help make Godot the number one choice for creating, deploying, and monetizing games on iOS and Android.

Why we exist

There is a mono-culture in the mobile game space. Because of this developers have very few options when it comes to monetize their games.

We intend to change this by offering a well-integrated game development environment well-suited for mobile games. We will ensure that as a developer you can trivially switch ad networks, analytics frameworks, and other third party services crucial to your project empowering you to make the best decisions for your project.

Come work with us!

We are currently looking for engineers in the following fields:

  • Godot engine contributors
  • (Mobile) rendering experts (GL, Vulkan, and/or Metal)
  • iOS native code experts (C++/Objective C/swift)
  • Android native code experts (C++ / Java)

If this sounds like you please send a resume to jobs@ramatak.com! We’re excited to hear from you.


Questions or comments?

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